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No one can deny the importance of English as the language of globe now a days because when people with different languages come together they commonly use English to communicate as 400 million people speak English as a first language and 700 million people speak English as a second language while 80% of the English used in the world is used between non English native speakers. English is the most important language in international diplomacy, business, commerce, science, technology, teaching and computer industry. English language has gotten a significant place within countries and knowing English will make us bilingual and more employable throughout the world.
Knowing the this importance of English we have launched english to english dictionary for English language students to find easy english meanings of difficult english words. This dictionary has more than 3 lac words meanings and is really the biggest english dictionary of Pakistan. It features word of the moment, recently searched words, most popular words and words starting with different alphabets. This dictionary also includes Muslim baby names meanings that will help you to give a decent and meaningful name to your young ones.

English Words with Synonyms and Meanings in English

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Most Popular Words
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